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Business is really about people...

The Venture Up experience is successful with all types of work groups and industsries: 

Work Groups: Intact teams, extended teams, virtual teams, union and non-union teams.
Industries: Federal and State government, information technology, consumer products, financial services, energy and natural resources, biotech and healthcare. 

Venture Up programs combine well with existing corporate training programs such as Total Quality Management, Myers-Briggs, DISC, Strength Finders, Flat: The New Black and Lean Principles, or may be designed to focus on specific areas, such as the following:

    Maintaining it for the long run
    Benefits for the whole team
  • COMMUNICATION & Coaching:
    Improving skills for team efficiency
    Breaking way to new opportunities
  • TRUST & Ethics:
    Building and maintaining it
    Defining goals to find ideas
  • Conflict Management:
    Healthy vs unhealthy
    vs management
  • Business Etiquette:
    For everyone's success
  • Breaking Down Silos:
    Respect, alignment and solution oriented
  • Impacting Others:
    Seeing the larger picture



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Venture Up's original Escape Game series - "Escape the Case" - is the next generation in team building events for conference groups of 35 to 500 people. A reverse escape game for corporate meetings, it's not a matter of getting out of a room, but how to break into a mysterious metal case by cracking codes and solving a variety of integrated challenges. It is a portable escape room experience for groups of all sizes.

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