Jam Fest Rhythm & Beats

Venture Up Music Circle Boomwackers

Throughout the ages, music and rhythmic sounds have been a binding agent of all people. JamFEST strikes a chord with everyone. A popular conference energizer, this 45 to 90-minute event gets your teams moving, shaking and jamming in harmony. No previous experience or musical ability is needed.


Boom Sticks, Rubber Gloves, GoGo Bells, Jug Drums and Congas are all provided. It’s not long before the rhythm buids and team members are jamming together, creating, changing and expressing their inate musical talents.


Boom Sticks are lightweight, hollow, color-coded, plastic tubes, finely tuned to musical pitches by length. They produce “floating, ethereal type” musical tones when struck together, against the hand, the floor, or nearly any other surface. Boom Sticks are often used by performance artists to add an element of spectacle and by educators to teach the concepts in rhythm, harmony, and melody.