Bionic Hands 3D Project

Venture Up Creative hands project 3D printing prosthesis

Thousands of children are born each year with Symbrachydactyly, a congenital condition in which fingers are not developed, or may be webbed or conjoined. The demand for prosthetics is overwhelming. Working with biomedical engineers, Venture Up is funding 3D printing technology for the production of low-cost prosthetic hands to enable people with no prior hand function to change their lives forever, and function like never before.


Recent 3D technology makes possible a customized fit and highly durable product to be created at a fraction of the normal cost. Critical measurements of each hand are recorded to custom match each child. Prior to our team event, the 3D printing process is rigorous. If a flaw occurs at any time during the 6- to 8 hour printing process, engineers must start over until they achieve perfection. Once finished, the hands are ready for assembly during the 2-3 hour event.

Corporate teams receive all tools and directions for assembling the hands, and fine tune them for custom fit and function. Corporate teams share the benefits of helping people for a lifetime with the hand-use most of us take for granted.


Venture Up’s Bionic Hands 3D Creations project directly supports the production and distribution of these prosthetics at no charge to the recipients or their families, as well as the continuous development and evolution of new 3D prosthetic printing techniques and equipment.