Bike Building

Venture Up Charity Bike Building for kids Team Building

Bike Building for kids in need is our most popular charity-based team building event. Our corporate clients have donated more than 15,000 bikes to underserved children, often high achievers who lack financial resources or may come from struggling single-parent families. Corporate giving has gained momentum in the last decade, and we expect to expand our reach to developing countries, where adults and children use bikes not just for play, but for work and as their main source of transportation.

Our traditional bike building events begin with Strategic Games, a program designed to energize and motivate teams for the tasks ahead. Some challenges may be cooperative, while others involve friendly competition. As we progress to the bike building session, teams with assigned children’s names get to work creating poster-sized cards for each bike.

Many execs find bike building personally enriching, as well as a powerful team experience. In a matter of hours, they experience a new appreciation for each other and share the delight they all bring in the life of a child.

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Bike Building itself is the hardest part. Teams with varying skills are challenged to assemble, decorate and test the new bikes before gifting it to the child or organization. Ranging in age from 5 to 10, kids may arrive on site to receive the bikes, or Venture Up can invite a representative to attend the event and accept the bikes on behalf of the children.
We invite you to share in Venture Up’s history of serving others, and our partnerships with companies, such as yours, involved in community giving.