Technicolor Transport

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Challenge your team’s creativity with Technicolor Transport. Techies, engineers and your average execs enjoy this problem-solving, hands-on event. 

Each Technicolor team is armed with fluid in various colors, an electric pump, flexible tubing, a selection of valves, rigid piping and a range of connectors and tools. Each team is challenged to design and build a working machine that will transport any of the 4 fluids to any of the 12 spots identified within the construction zone. Teams must build according to Venture Up project specifications. Once the design and construction phase are completed, the machine operators must rely solely on a combination of valves to make the colors flow correctly.


This 2-to 4-hour strategic exercise requires brainstorming, product designing, coaching, sharing information, and training end users. It can be facilitated around a variety of production models, including Lean Principals. Ideal for groups of 25 to 350 participants, teams receive points for each color transported successfully. Teams lose points for each leak, spill, design flaw or operating infraction. Judges tally the scores and announce the winning teams in this fun, colorful and innovative event.

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