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Rise up to the challenge with our Team Survivor and Minute-to-Win- combo program, inspired by the popular TV shows. This interactive event relies on ingenuity, quick thinking, and skillful collaboration, and is suitable for teams diverse in every possible way.
The program is fast-paced, fun and competitive. Teams stay intact throughout the event, moving station-to-station, facing tricky obstacles and taking on problem-solving games. After successfully completing each challenge, teams win a certain number of beads depending on how quickly they finish each task. The more beads a teams wins, the closer they are to victory. 
Being aware of the strict time limit energizes the team from the onset. They quickly engage, share their talents as they compete with other teams. They're having fun, working intensely, under self-imposed pressure and find new ways to be efficient and productive at every turn. 
The program culminates in a festive finale when all the teams return to the central meeting area. Top performers are announced, and the winning teams revel in victory. What has the most impact for many teams is how Venture Up leaders tie the experience in at the finale. Teams at work must stay competitive to keep a leading edge in driving their team, their department and company forward.
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