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No manuals, no technical support and no two ways to create the life-size motorless car that will send your team "volunteer" across the finish line in winning style. Venture Up's Mega Car 500 is a fun and colorful event that requires teams to design and produce human–propelled race vehicles from scratch.

Venture Up provides the tools and resources, while teams figure out what they need and what they don’t to gain that winning edge. The Soapbox-style cars are built using PVC pipe and must be capable of holding a human capable of steering the vehicle through a serpentine race track.

A "Propulsion Specialist", nominated by the team, may pull the wheeled beast down a steep incline or hillside, or drivers may race on a flat track.

The Grand Awards Ceremony tops of this festive event. The lucky ones get the following 100 percent metal awards:

1st Place: Golden Wrenches

2nd Place: Silver Spark Plugs

3rd Place: Bronze Tail Pipes

Fun indoors or outdoors, Mega Car 500 combines well with Mini Car 500 (tiny cars on a track), and may also include our redneck Belt Sander Races.

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