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Lights. Camera. Action. LIP SYNC BATTLE /  DRAMATICA is your ticket to a fun, high energy, interactive team building event.  Based on the popular Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show series,  Lip Synch Battle is ideal for large groups and is as much fun for the audience as it is for the corporate thespians. Venture Up supplies a wide variety of themed costumes, props and wigs such as; Super Heroes, Gangsters, Pirates, Cinco de Mayo, Tutus, Chain Gang, ER, SyFy, Men At Work, Western, ‘60s Swingers, and Horror. Teams

The “Mic is off, but the Battle is on”. Teams each have one hour to rehearse their song and practice their moves.  Then dress rehearsal ends and everybody heads for the stage.  Lip Synch Battle / Dramatica is a sure way to engage your teams and keep them laughing, jeering and cheering – all while reinforcing the values of teamwork, collaboration, and creativity and celebrating success.

Popular Songs:
Priscila Queen of The Desert
Ganam Style
Queen, We will Rock You, Don't Stop Me Know
Uptown Funk - Bruno Mars
Happy - Pharrell Williams
Michael Jackson, Beat It, Thriller
Shake it Off - Taylor Swift
Staying Alive - Bee Gees
Poker Face - Lady GaGa
One More Time - Britany Spears
Girls Just Want to Have Fun - Cyndy Lauper
Respect, THINK - Aretha Franklin
Roar - Kate Perry
Money - ABBA
Turning Japanese - The Police
Cotton Eye Joe
Purple Rain - Prince
Play That Funky Music
Walk Like an Egyptian


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