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Biz Quiz, Venture Up's custom Game Show, is fast and fun and an easy way to motivate teams and fuel friendly competition. Corporated trainers often hire Venture Up to re-work the questions to reinforce training objectives at meetings, or elements in the conference theme.

Similar in format to the famous Jeopardy show, our host unveils categories while players vie to be champions. Our solid state podiums include lighted display panels with microphones and obnoxious lock-out buzzers.

Biz Quiz may be hosted solely by Venture Up, or co-hosted with your company VIP. The program design is flexible, allowing up to 150 participants per hour.


When it comes to reinforcing corporate training objectives, a product launch, or your meeting theme, nothing works better than the Biz Quiz. It’s the ideal 45- to 90-minute event, and a great way to break up meetings and energize the group.

Biz Quiz is portable and travels anywhere, and sets up in just minutes. We own the system, so you can be sure you will not be charged extra for renting the units. Our Game Show can also be combined with other team building programs.

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Venture Up's original Escape Game series - "Escape the Case" - is the next generation in team building events for conference groups of 35 to 500 people. A reverse escape game for corporate meetings, it's not a matter of getting out of a room, but how to break into a mysterious metal case by cracking codes and solving a variety of integrated challenges. It is a portable escape room experience for groups of all sizes.

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