3 Quick Ways to Handle Mistakes

If you are a new leader or manager, your team automatically looks up to you and seeks your advice and direction. That’s a double-edged sword. The door of respect is open, but that door can close if you make a wrong move. If you ignore your mistake, deflect or blame someone else, the door can […]

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ESCAPE the Case

Competition Meets Cooperation When your the teams you manage have a chance to interact and have fun on activities (seemingly) unrelated to work, you reap the added benefits of increasing team chemistry and boosting morale and employee engagement. Effective team building programs span the range, from simple trust-building activities to corporate campouts, all on company time. The last […]

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Best Ways to Build Team Chemistry

When it comes to achieving team goals, it sure helps if there’s team chemistry to begin with. But if your team is new, or is taking on a project together for the first time, team chemistry doesn’t happen instantly. The optimal way to get your teams engaged is to take them out of the office […]

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Training in Diversity & Business Etiquette

As the world shrinks, corporations around the globe are facing diversity in the workforce like no time ever in history.  Employers now have easy access to vast resources such as Linked-in and Glassdoor, and Headhunters at corporate recruiting firms are tech-savvy and globally connected in ways never before possible. Diversity in all its forms is reflected in the […]

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Talking politics at work

Taboo or Talk Through? Politics at Work

Today’s toxic political climate is difficult to escape, whether at home, work or the neighborhood coffee shop. At work, talking politics can be dicey. It stokes emotions, creates conflicts and challenges relationships, in an environment where productivity requires everyone to cooperate and get along. So, should politics be taboo at work? Is it time to […]

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How New Managers Can Build a Team

by Jessica Genereaux Taking over an established team as a new manager is a challenge, especially if the team is not performing well. It’s a team you didn’t build, with members you didn’t choose, but it’s up to you to make it work when history shows the going has been rocky at best. Your first […]

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Is Extreme Team Building Right for Your Company?

By Jessica Genereaux Are your employees disengaged in your organization? If so, you’re in the majority of American companies – and it’s nothing to brag about. Given that  70% of American workers feel detached from their professional roles, companies who make even minimal strides in improving employee engagement will be ahead of the pack. Effective […]

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10 Ideas for Community Service Team Building

When corporate trainers are charged with building relationships among team members, it’s no surprise they turn to interactive team building exercises to get the job done. Cooperation vs. competition is the name of the game. Employees who trust one another naturally work better together. When work teams get along and morale is high, companies naturally […]

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