Gaming for Gratitude

The sea change of 2020 and 2021 has left many of us catching our breath after a whirlwind of change in every facet of our lives. Losing relatives and friends, pets, jobs and perhaps our own emotional stability has forced many of to focus on what’s matters most: our personal relationships — at home and […]

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Venture Up Nashville TN Salsa Mania

Screen Time, Brain Damage & Stress

Screen time is slowly damaging us in ways we may not know for another generation or more, when scientists have studied the right populations over time. Like a runaway train, computer technology hit us hard and fast, and there’s no slowing it down. How many hours are workers spending adjusting to the “new and improved” […]

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Ways to Shape Employee Behavior

There’s no shortage of tools in the box for managers to help shape employee behavior. Bonuses and incentives, pink slips and reprimands, the carrot and stick: which tool is the most effective for improving job performance? In a Freakonomics podcast episode entitled How to Launch a Behavior Change Revolution, psychologist Danny Kahneman discusses the forces […]

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