Team Building in New Orleans

Communicating Through Change

Change isn’t always easy, even when you are among the leaders promoting new strategies to improve your business. While in the midst of organizational change, leadership communication is essential. A lack of communication or, even worse, a lack of clear and effective signals from leadership, can not only disrupt the flow of daily operations but […]

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Technicolor Challenge with Venture Up

Trends in Corporate Training 2017

By Jessica Genereaux The corporate training environment is evolving as today’s workers continue to reflect a greater world of diversity — and a broader spectrum of learning styles. Likewise, today’s employees also require a wider range of training options. Here are five emerging trends in 2017, paving the way for more diversity in corporate training […]

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Diversity Team Building Group Photo

Why Diversity Matters

If companies are raking in big profits, do CEOs really need to care if their work teams lack diversity? Maybe not in Silicon Valley, where high tech firms are dominated by white males and not under financial pressure to diversify. But the social pressure is on. When diversity is lacking in almost any other industry’s […]

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Why Diversity Training Fails

  Year after year, American companies spend in excess of $160 million on diversity training programs and policies. Many tout their commitment to diversity in their mission statements and recruitment copy. While so much time and energy is devoted to diversity, research shows diversity training does not bring the desired results. In fact, companies showed […]

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