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Stirling’s Engine, the Comeback of the Century

In the yonder years of the Industrial Revolution machines of monstrous proportion dwarfed man in both means of production and thirst of power. The demand for energy was unlike anything called upon before, but inventors of the time powered through to usher in the modern age. It boiled down to two types of generators, the […]

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8 Ways Hotels Are Changing Post Pandemic

Social Distancing is here to stay. Hotels, as well as businesses worldwide, are rolling forward making a healthy and safe environment the highest priority. Like many businesses, Venture Up is much reliant on hotels and group travel. In our case, not only must employees and corporate leaders have confidence to enter an enclosed metal capsule […]

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6 Ways to Avoid Stressing out Your Team

The main sources for workplace anxiety, according to a recent American Institude of Stress (AIS)  study, are unmanageable workload, interpersonal issues, the ole work/life balance, and job security fears. AIS reported 80 percent of American workers are stressed on the job and 92 percent of the anxiety related to working on a team. AIS defines […]

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Screen Time, Brain Damage & Stress

Screen time is slowly damaging us in ways we may not know for another generation or more, when scientists have studied the right populations over time. Like a runaway train, computer technology hit us hard and fast, and there’s no slowing it down. How many hours are workers spending adjusting to the “new and improved” […]

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Harnessing the Power of Thought Diversity

Trust is the foundation of all relationships. When it comes to family, mutual trust flows naturally. At work, it’s another story. In today’s diverse workplace there’s a way to tap into the power of that diversity, to build trusting relationships, and it’s a far cry from the annual company picnic. At Venture Up, we embrace […]

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