Managing Emotions in the Workplace

In the cultural imagination, humans constantly wage war between their emotions and their rational thoughts. The science officer of the U.S.S. Enterprise – indeed, his entire fictitious race – ranks rationality above emotion, which he believes to be separate from logic. Spock, with his pointy ears and blue eyelids, harked not to a distant future, […]

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Venture Up Focus Tubes Large event

Training in Diversity & Business Etiquette

As the world shrinks, corporations around the globe are facing diversity in the workforce like no time ever in history.  Employers now have easy access to vast resources such as Linked-in and Glassdoor, and Headhunters at corporate recruiting firms are tech-savvy and globally connected in ways never before possible. Diversity in all its forms is reflected in the […]

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Talking politics at work

Taboo or Talk Through? Politics at Work

Today’s toxic political climate is difficult to escape, whether at home, work or the neighborhood coffee shop. At work, talking politics can be dicey. It stokes emotions, creates conflicts and challenges relationships, in an environment where productivity requires everyone to cooperate and get along. So, should politics be taboo at work? Is it time to […]

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