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Innovation Insights: From Life Coaching to Lattes

Some of the greatest business successes have come not from winning the game, but from changing the rules. As a core business strategy, innovation is what makes a company stand out from the competition. Learning from the masters just got easier with The New York Times bestseller, Blue Ocean Shift: Beyond Competing, a follow-up to the breakthrough title Blue […]

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Learning to Lead

Once promoted, many new managers find that the qualities and skills that earned them the position do not really measure up to the leader they want to be. These managers are often powerhouses of information with the hard skills needed to drive the company’s success. And they are also ideal candidates for leadership training. The […]

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Finding the Corporate Soul

Satya Nadella rose to CEO of Microsoft in 2014. While some critics view Apple and Google as the ultimate winners in tech company competition, Microsoft has no shortage of recent successes. The Xbox, for example, dominates its niche, netting profits in the billions as the company continues to research and develop cutting-edge gaming technologies. After 43 years […]

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How Cognitive Diversity Strengthens Teams

Does the phrase “diversity training” make you cringe? Given the history of failed diversity training programs in the U.S., it’s no wonder the mere mention of the topic can make eyes roll. The wrong approach to diversity training can create the opposite of the intended effect, alienating colleagues instead of inspiring better relationships. When diversity […]

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Trends in Corporate Training 2017

By Jessica Genereaux The corporate training environment is evolving as today’s workers continue to reflect a greater world of diversity — and a broader spectrum of learning styles. Likewise, today’s employees also require a wider range of training options. Here are five emerging trends in 2017, paving the way for more diversity in corporate training […]

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