Is Extreme Team Building Right for Your Company?

By Jessica Genereaux Are your employees disengaged in your organization? If so, you’re in the majority of American companies – and it’s nothing to brag about. Given that  70% of American workers feel detached from their professional roles, companies who make even minimal strides in improving employee engagement will be ahead of the pack. Effective […]

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10 Ideas for Community Service Team Building

When corporate trainers are charged with building relationships among team members, it’s no surprise they turn to interactive team building exercises to get the job done. Cooperation vs. competition is the name of the game. Employees who trust one another naturally work better together. When work teams get along and morale is high, companies naturally […]

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Why Diversity Training Fails

  Year after year, American companies spend in excess of $160 million on diversity training programs and policies. Many tout their commitment to diversity in their mission statements and recruitment copy. While so much time and energy is devoted to diversity, research shows diversity training does not bring the desired results. In fact, companies showed […]

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