Mini Car 500

Venture Up Mini Car 500 competitive event

Venture Up’s Mini Car 500 team building event challenges your teams to turn a 4-ounce block of wood into a lean, mean, speed-racing machine.



Teams must design, build and decorate miniature cars, powered only by gravity, to race down the 40-foot rack to the finish line. Each team starts with a tool chest with multiple kits, including a block of pinewood, plastic wheels, metal nails for axles and what else it takes for efficiency and style. Teams create various prototype designs based on weight, shape, size and other factors. During the building phase, teams test their cars to choose the fastest machine that will drive them to victory. Cars are clocked to the 1/1,000 of a second; so every gram, burr and niche makes a difference.



Combining this program with Mini Boats is a popular alternative. Minicar 500 can also be combined with Mega Car 500 and Belt Sander Races.