Frequently Asked Questions

Venture Up charity bike building CSR


1.) Why should we choose Venture Up?


Listen to our clients. We have a long track record exceeding customer expectations and reinforcing team relationships for all sizes and professional levels. May we send you a reference for your program? Our clients give objective feedback and may guide you to a confident decision. You will be in good company if you join our list. More than 250,000 execs have been part of the Venture Up experience since 1983.


2.) Our team consists of about 12 people. Is there a minimum or maximum group size requirement?  


Venture Up accommodates all group sizes. We’ve run programs for teams as small as 4. Our more festive events may range to 1,000 or more people. Whatever your event size, we aim to build strong team links at every professional level.


3.) What is your pricing structure? Do you charge per person or per activity? 


Program fees vary depending on the event you choose. Do you already have your team size? Date? Type of event? We respond quickly. Call our local office, or ring us toll free at 888-305-1065.  Our email is [email protected]. We give prices by phone or email, and send a detailed proposal usually within a few hours. Each team program has a minimum fee, allowing up to a certain number of participants. We charge a per-person fee thereafter.


4.) What do our costs include?


Program costs include equipment and materials, event staffing, set-up and break-out. While we can arrange your location, our costs generally do not include costs for renting meeting space, permits, food, beverages or transportation for attendees. We can certainly assist you in arranging a low-cost venue for a fun, interactive team event, with itemized costs.


5.) When do you offer events? Weekdays? Time slots? 


We can schedule your program from the early morning to late evening, 7 days a week.


6.) How much time does an event take?


We are as flexible as you need us to be. Most programs run 21/2 to 4 hours.  We may modify programs to fit a 60- to 90-minute time. We call these jam-packed programs “Energizers”. We also offer full-day events, and multi-day corporate training, focusing on interactive team building and maintaining a strong corporate culture.


7.) How much event space do we need? 


A minimum 2,000 square feet is required for groups of 20 or less, whether programs are indoors or outside. Larger teams require more space, of course. Fear nothing if you have a large group. We have a history of success in designing stations and rotations to maximize the use of space and keep things running smoothly. (We are really, really good at this.)


8.) Can Venture Up arrange event space?


Yes. Whether you seek a public park, private grounds, or a luxury resort, we can arrange it. Some of us travel in the U.S. and abroad for site inspections and fam trips to find the best resorts suitable for specific clients.


9.) Where do you host your events? 


Anywhere. Really. We’ve set up on yachts, sand dunes, rooftops, parking garages, private islands, warehouses, movie sets, rugged wilderness terrain, government land and military bases in the U.S. and abroad. But most of our programs take place at a resort conference room, an outdoor park or event center.


10.) Do people have to be in good physical condition?


Not at all. Corporate teams today come in all shapes and sizes. View our photos to get a glimpse of the range of people who engage in our events. All our activities are suitable for people of all abilities. Participation in all team building activities is voluntary. We work with countless people with physical limitations on an ongoing basis. All of them participate at the level they choose.


11.) People coming in from various countries. Is culture an issue?


Diversity is an asset in every way. One of the prime qualifications of our staff, besides education, is independent (vs. tours) international travel experience, study or living abroad, or work in a multicultural setting. We screen for staff who can think on their feet, who have a broad-based understanding of world cultures and customs, who react well to the unexpected situations that often arise when dealing with many cultures. It takes time to develop the tools to react effectively in a multicultural setting, and life experience is the best teacher.


12.) Can People opt out of an activity and still feel involved?

Anyone may opt out of our activities. All our activities are voluntary. If someone is pregnant, injured, or facing physical challenges, Venture Up and their team support them. As leaders, we encourage their support and ideas, which are just as useful as physical involvement in any event. Ask our clients. We do a really good job of keeping everyone involved.


12.) What types of activities are the best for our group?


Venture Up’s team programs come in 3 flavors:


MULTI-FUNCTIONAL Team Building:  Teams are split and re-split. Team members work on different teams throughout the program challenges. Competition, if any, is low key. Points are not scored. Time is spent correlating activities to effective teamwork and corporate alignment.


Activities include: Strategic Games, High Ropes Challenges, Dramatica, ArtRageous Murals, Jam Fest and 3D Creative Hands.


COMPETITIVE Team Building:  The group is split into smaller teams who remain intact throughout the program. Competition is high and builds as things progress. Points are scored. Another term for this event is LOUD. Recognition and awards top off the event at the grand finale. The winning team is announced, to cheers and jeers, but everyone has fun in the end.


Activities include: Amazing Race, Olympics, Create-a-Car Cars, Cantinaville, Boats, Technicolor Transport, Minutes-to Win-it and Team Survivor, Boot Camp.


CHARITY-based Team Building. When corporation include community giving in their corporate events, it sends a strong message to their employees of their role in serving others, not just the company bottom line.


Activities include: ArtRageous Murals, Bike Builders, 3D Creative Hands Project, Food Banker, Corporate Elves