Game On Olympics

Venture Up Olympic games Team Building

Game On corporate Olympics is a creative mix of team competition, problem-solving challenges and fun. It can also be run inside or outdoors.


The spirit of the Olympiad comes to life as the torch lighter — usually a corporate VIP — arrives in Roman costume prancing to the music of the Olympiad. Let the Games Begin!


See our YouTube: Olympics Video


The festive intro breaks way to the all-inclusive team competition. Teams meet head to head at a series of game stations, vying for ribbons or medals.


Venture Up designs each Olympiad based on the number of teams and participants; time available and program space. It’s easy for us to redesign a few challenges to suit your industry or meeting theme, infusing fun and meaning into your event.


At the end of the program, points are tallied, teams are honored, but only the greatest team will have the bragging rights for being the Best of the Rest.


Game On Olympics is ideal for groups of 50 to 500 or more.