Clueless Murder Mystery

Venture Up Escape the Case Blackout

The Clueless Murder Mystery provides fun, interactive entertainment for corporate meetings and events. Ideal for after-dinner functions, happy hours or corporate celebrations, the event offers a chance for everyone to have fun in ways unrelated to work, by joining in a classic whodunit .


Venture Up offers a wide range of Clueless mystery themes including:


A Knight of Murder
Merry Murder Holiday
Margaretaville Murder
Prom Queen Horror
Pirates Life of Murder
Homicide Inc.
The Good The Bad and The Dead
Sin City Sin


Venture Up introduces and hosts the program, supplies attendees with all the creative resources for the “real live murder.”  Each attendee receives their own detailed character description, including roles, interactions, attitude, secrets and goals. Costumes are optional.


The fun begins as guests start searching, sleuthing, and slithering about to determine who did it, and where the event will end. Some clues are good, others are bogus … and someone always unexpectedly dies. The evidence is reviewed, accusations are made, and ultimately somebody will solve the murder. Others will remain Clueless!