Photo showing the winning team from our Cyber Race with CSG, Thumbs up, smiling with confetti and champion banner behind them

Cyberthon is a virtual team-building experience that sends your remote teams on a global amazing race through cyberspace. Get social and have fun by solving clues, grappling with mind-bending puzzles, and tackling strategic challenges. This event connects your team members from remote locations with fun problem-solving activities and strategic energizers. Each team solves a series of clues leading them from one destination to the next in a race to the finish!


Cyberthon is designed for all abilities and can accommodate up to 250 participants. Hosted on platforms like ZOOM, Microsoft Teams, and more, this virtual team-building experience is perfect for remote teams.

  • Inclusive Design: Suitable for all skill levels.
  • Large Group Capacity: Up to 250 participants.
  • Flexible Event: Experience the event 100% online, or reach out to us for options on a hybrid in-person and virtual setup.


Program Introduction:
A Venture Up host will kick off the event with a clear and engaging demonstration of the race. They will explain how it works, including basic quick commands for the selected application. This ensures that all participants, regardless of their technical ability, are fully prepared and ready to dive into the fun.


Each Cyberthon team comprises 4-5 members, chosen either randomly or selected by the client. The challenge begins with a fun warm-up activity to introduce team members to each other and convey the dynamics of the race. Teams will have access to a series of numbered clue files, each password-protected by designated puzzles that must be solved in order to proceed. At some virtual locations, teams must look for unusual features, hard-to-find landmarks, or hidden treasures.


Teams utilize common programs like Microsoft Word and Google Earth. Working in unison across the web, teams race through Cyberthon aiming to be the champions. At the finish line, teams turn in their final “codes” and bonus points for check-in. Winning Teams and “Honorable Mentions” are announced, but only 1 team will be known and remembered, as the Cyberthon Champion!


Virtual Team Building studies show:

*  Among the 8 Competencies for effective teams, Leading & Deciding, followed by Analyzing & Interpreting are the most reinforced.

* Virtual programs incorporate quick decision making and acting with one’s own initiative,  followed by expressing oneself clearly and accurately.

* Participants grow more extroverted and open minded as team members learn to be more vocal and expressive so the team can reach its overarching objective.

* A Convergence Effect occurs: When the interaction style from people at both extremes (introverted and strongly extroverted), move nearer the average.