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Learning to Lead

Once promoted, many new managers find that the qualities and skills that earned them the position do not really measure up to the leader they want to be. These managers are often powerhouses of information with the hard skills needed to drive the company’s success. And they are also ideal candidates for leadership training. The […]

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Finding the Corporate Soul

Satya Nadella rose to CEO of Microsoft in 2014. While some critics view Apple and Google as the ultimate winners in tech company competition, Microsoft has no shortage of recent successes. The Xbox, for example, dominates its niche, netting profits in the billions as the company continues to research and develop cutting-edge gaming technologies. After 43 years […]

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Leadership Events, Games & Activities by Venture Up

What Do Leadership Capital Partners Do?

 by Jessica Genereaux The last two decades have seen a global shift in corporate ownership and business management. Since 1996, the number of publicly-traded firms in the U.S. has steadily declined to nearly 50 percent, with many of the firms transforming to privately-owned status. The roles of the investor and human resources director have also […]

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How New Managers Can Build a Team

by Jessica Genereaux Taking over an established team as a new manager is a challenge, especially if the team is not performing well. It’s a team you didn’t build, with members you didn’t choose, but it’s up to you to make it work when history shows the going has been rocky at best. Your first […]

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Team Building in New Orleans

Communicating Through Change

Change isn’t always easy, even when you are among the leaders promoting new strategies to improve your business. While in the midst of organizational change, leadership communication is essential. A lack of communication or, even worse, a lack of clear and effective signals from leadership, can not only disrupt the flow of daily operations but […]

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