NERF Blaster Master and 4 Way Volley Ball

NERF Blaster Master  and 4 Way Volley Ball - Venture Up | Team Building Activities, Events & Games

Blaster Master is a new, fun, all-inclusive activity designed to keep the energy flowing during our Field Games competitive events. A favorite add-on to the 4-Way Volleyball program, Blaster Master reinforces the idea that the big game isn't over. Once a Volleyball team winner is declared, the celebration (or gloating) does not last long. Venture Up leaders quickly supply each member on each team a plastic mechanism to propel styrofoam darts ... ok, they're Nerf guns. Toys in hand, everyone becomes a kid again. Capture the Flag is one game that motivates teams to subdue a team that may have bested them earlier. But that was volleyball, and this is war.

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Venture Up's original Escape Game series - "Escape the Case" - is the next generation in team building events for conference groups of 35 to 500 people. A reverse escape game for corporate meetings, it's not a matter of getting out of a room, but how to break into a mysterious metal case by cracking codes and solving a variety of integrated challenges. It is a portable escape room experience for groups of all sizes.

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