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""Think Inside The Box?" That's what Venture Up's new, portable, conference room escape game is all about. Perfect for groups of 25 to 500. If you liked Escape Rooms, you'll love "Escape The Case".

"Escape The Case" is a reverse escape game. It's not about escaping a room, but breaking into a series of metal cases, opening a volcano of challenges that draw teams deeper and deeper.

This high-tech challenge combines clues, alarms, codes, cyphers, social media, problem solving, directional locks, bluetooth locks, alphabetical and numerical locks that may utterly confuse teams at first, but that quickly turns to intrigue.

Teams of 8 - 12 each receive a large metal case and follow the clues in a race against the clock and other teams, cracking code after code and opening box after box. "Escape The Case" is geared for 1.5 - 2.5 hours to complete, but the final twist of this event occurs when all teams must work together at the end to open the final Reveal Case. This surprise collaboration underscores how all teams are actually one big team. More powerful together, more innovative together and ultimately Better Together.

Escape The Case encourages flexible leadership, prioritization, communications, execution and creative thinking, but ultimately this team building challenge is pure fun for everyone.

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Venture Up's original Escape Game series - "Escape the Case" - is the next generation in team building events for conference groups of 35 to 500 people. A reverse escape game for corporate meetings, it's not a matter of getting out of a room, but how to break into a mysterious metal case by cracking codes and solving a variety of integrated challenges. It is a portable escape room experience for groups of all sizes.

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