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Amazing Race Locations:

Pittsburgh - Las Vegas - New Orleans - San Diego - Santa Monica - Richmond - Portland - Scottsdale - Boston - Buffalo - Detroit - Minneapolis - Nashville - Omaha - Milwaukee - Raleigh - St. Louis - Virginia Beach - Chicago - Atlanta - Madison - Columbus - Charlotte - Atlanta - Puerto Rico - South Beach - Ft. Lauderdale - Birmingham - Little Rock - Greenville - Dallas - San Antonio - Houston - Park City - San Juan and more.

When it's time to hit the road, Venture Up's original Amazing Race is the way to start. The foot race runs through alleys, roadways, trails and riverwalks of America’s great cities. We created our first version of this race in 1998, consistently updating race stations, and always including the latest and greatest sites. 

Geared for all abilities, teams move at their own pace trying to solve as many of the clues as possible. Few teams solve them all. Quality is much more important than speed.


The event begins at a select meeting point -- a hotel lobby, city park, or on top of a parking garage with a bird's eye view of the city. Before the race begins, teams must first complete a series of games before they are signaled to begin the race. 

Each team receives an official Amazing Race bag which contains maps and tools that may be important during the challenge, including small GPS units. Once the race begins, anything goes. Teams can shout out for help, call people, use their phones or computer browsers, or ask local residents and business owners for help.

The Amazing Race's final checkpoint is usually a festive bar or restaurant where all teams convene to uncover the winner, gloat and mope (not really).

Bonus points during this 2- to 4-hour program are easy to score. Scoring points may require teams to find a particular flower, get a group shot with a fireman, or find a paper job application (no easy job). Venture Up’s Amazing Race is a great way to explore a new city, or experience a familiar city in a new way.

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