How Millennials are Changing the Workforce

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Bash millennials at your peril. They are on the right track. Often characterized as a disruptive force in the workplace, the younger set are redefining the workstyle for mobility and more adaptability. The new way of working is not only more productive, it creates happier employees who agree that flexibility and time off rather higher than a huge paycheck.

Influencing Communication Change

Many businesses have already adopted email as their top form of communication. But with millennials’ love of tech, new ways to communicate are popping up in the workplace. The use of texting, Facebook chat, group messaging and others are gaining for official work communication.

More Flexible Work Environments

With more millennials starting and running companies, the workplace environment is also changing. Instead of traditional offices, open workspaces that promote collaboration and mobility are becoming more of the norm. Flexibility also translates to working remotely and working outside the traditional 9-5 routine. New workplace design often incorporates quite rooms away from the open space that may get distracting and noisy at times.

Non-Traditional Working Hours

The 9 to 5 workday becoming a thing of the past, as millennials are redefining what office hours are. Millennials are not chained to a clock. As natural born multitaskers armed with constant access to email and instant messaging, they view how productive they are as more important than prescribing to work hours that are set in stone.

How Millennials Challenge Businesses

Younger adults have always been drivers of change. Paired with the new technologies with which they’re so familiar, they demand new ways of doing business. Progress comes with a few growing pains.

  • How do you engage remote workers?
  • How do you measure productivity among remote workers?
  • How do you ensure smooth communication among teams whose members are not in the same location?
  • How do you effectively manage teams in the same office whose members are not an office door away?
  • How do you establish a culture of work-life balance while also allowing flexibility?
  • How do you manage multi-channel communication to make sure everybody is on the same page?

Thanks to advancements in technology, millennial workers are more productive than their predecessors. This isn’t a jab at Gen X or Boomer productivity so much as a perennial statement of fact: automation that helps us complete tasks faster is nothing new.

If you face generational issues in the workplace, consider this: Millennials aren’t that different, they just grew up in a different world in which workers are accustomed to using different tools. To help bridge the gap, call Venture Up about team building in your city.