Gaming for Gratitude

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The sea change of 2020 and 2021 has left many of us catching our breath after a whirlwind of change in every facet of our lives. Losing relatives and friends, pets, jobs and perhaps our own emotional stability has forced many of to focus on what’s matters most: our personal relationships — at home and at work. Cultivating an attitude of gratitude vs. grievance will set us on a path to healing and happiness on 2022 if we give grateful living a chance.

Gratitude and happiness are closely linked. Positive psychology researchers describe grateful people as being:

  1. gracious of their past —  as in framing your youthful memories in a positive light.
  2. gracious for the present — daily acceptance and appreciation of your life and others in it
  3. grateful for the future — feeling positive and optimistic for what lies ahead

We all do not have to agree to get along. If we are able to set aside our opinions and our insistence on being right our behavior goes a long way to smoothing the road to more peaceful and productive relationships. In general, if we can all agree that most people are good, we take a giant leap toward unity. You must be willing to dismiss the narcissistic social split so evident in 2020-2021 —  where half  the nation is bad because they disagree with you; and half is good because they do agree with you.

At Venture Up, the feedback from our clients indicates we really do want to get along. Nobody we work with wishes to clash with the next person. Everyone appears tired of the chaos. This is good news for companies who fear the split in politics is splitting the workforce. In real life, we all get along pretty well.

When it comes to work groups, what makes team members appreciate one another is to interact in a goal-oriented project independent from any workplace task. The Escape Case is one of our game series that offers such an experience. The all inclusive portable game suits players of all professional levels. After two hours of successful detective work, the team realizes the importance of their skill combinations to success in areas beyond the workplace challenges. The fact that the games are so fun naturally enhance staff relationships. It is no wonder that corporate teams come back again and again to complete the series with either the same team members, or a mix of teams from the same department.

If you wish to cultivate gratitude in your staff, contact Venture Up to discover the right match for your team: 888-305-1065 / [email protected].